Eco-Friendly La Bahia

La Bahia actively participates in CEA initiatives and we have been certified by CEA as a green building.  La Bahia meets with CEA representatives at our annual association meeting to improve our commitment to sound ecological practices in Akumal.

For years La Bahia has used an environmental friendly wetland gardens waste treatment system.  Our building was one of the earliest in the community committed to improved ecologically sound waste management.

La Bahia uses low-wattage bulbs throughout the building and installed water saving shower heads.  For years, we have asked guests to help us conserve water and energy  by reusing towels and requesting that sheets not be changed daily.  We have a long history of recycling aluminum, plastic and glass.  La Bahia has created an herb garden for our visitors and guests.

We proudly support all activities to protect the sea turtles.  La Bahia uses colored lighting on the beach side during turtle nesting and hatching season.  We encourage our guests to close the curtains at night so the bright light does not disorient the turtles.  There is also a donation collection box in our office for guests to contribute to the Turtle Program in Akumal.

Information is posted in each condo on our efforts to preserve the unique ecology that makes Akumal so very special.

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La Bahia Akumal EcoFriendly