Bliss:  Akumal and Hammocks

A gentle rain, a warm breeze, the murmur of waves on the beach, today will be a little cooler than yesterday, it will only reach the low 80s. The tropical rain forest is experiencing a little rain and that has cooled things off a bit. One of the hammocks is under the upstairs neighbor’s balcony and only a light mist lands on my bare legs. The IPad seems not to notice the small droplets. Reading of my vacation book list is unhampered, I can immerse myself in worlds of the imagination. I can travel faster than light across galaxies, I can delve into the mysterious world of thermodynamics, I can read about the earth’s geology, I can be the white sorcerer in Middle Earth. I have so much reading time available I can even waste some on American politics. This Akumal trip we are staying 22 days.


Akumal Half Moon Bay

La Bahia AkumalAkumal Mexico

Akumal Hammock time

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