Walking on the Beach

An early morning walk or run on the beach is an awesome way to start the day!  Blanco, my chow-chow, loves the beach and our morning runs.







For 25+ years I have been seriously attached to my Vintage or Classic Reebok Free-style sneakers.  Lately I started having blister issues and then they discontinued the design your own shoe option.  Time to go shopping for new shoes!  OH MY, the choices… running, walking, cross-fit, train, dance, zig, skate (shoes for skateboarding?).  Neutral vs. Stability vs. Minimal vs. Barefoot……why are there so many kinds of shoes?  Do you remember when there was only one type of shoe: Sneakers?  I discovered the footwear industry introduces endless technologically advanced shoes with new designs and features every year.

I love walking on the beach, but sometimes I run, hit the treadmill at the gym or take a yoga class.  I am a baby boomer, so my joints require me to keep moving!  Decisions: do “walking” the dog shoes work for the treadmill?  What about Zumba?  Some experts say concentrate on comfort, support and fit.  So I shouldn’t pick the neon pink with green/aqua accents (they are so cool!).  Scientific American says I can… Don’t Sweat over Shoes.

I spent hours trying on shoes and decided to try the purple NIKE free.  Time to head to the beach to try out my new shoes!

#readytorun #changeisgood

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