I have no Plans at the Beach

I am walking the beach in solitude, me and the dog and the surf.  A hundred yards to my front is an older couple walking the beach. A few hundred yards behind me a guy is jogging with his dog, shortly he’ll pass me, we’ll wave, maybe trade some pleasant saying and he’ll jog on in solitude. I have no plan, no need for a plan. I do have an objective, to walk at least an hour, but no plan, no destination, no great purpose. The temperature is pleasant, the sea breeze calm, I entertain myself by trying to discern whether the tide is rising or falling.


With the ever present internet, technology insists on crowding my life and it’s hard to escape. When I walk the beach I leave the cell phone at the beach house, if the world really needs me, it will have to leave a message and wait.


When I return to the beach house I will look up information about the local tide to check if I got it right. I will look up the time of moon rise, if any meteor showers are predicted, and check the weather report. I will not be reading current events, no political news, no work email, nor will I check the stock market.  I will maintain a blissful ignorance with my soul free of the latest Big-Important-News.  I decide to head out to the front porch and wait for the moon rise.

I do not have a plan at the beach and this makes me smile :)

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