Back in the Hammock in Akumal Mexico

Life in the Hammock in Akumal Mexico


I’m back in the Caribbean hammock again in Akumal Mexico.  Gently sleeping and dreaming…
On this trip I get an unexpected bonus. The WiFi card in my laptop failed. I could not surf the web, read political blogs or email and watch cable news shows. I remembered why I started going to Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Caribbean islands thirty years ago, I wanted to escape from the American rat race. Little by little, year by year, small steps each time, my employer found ways to keep me “connected” until going on vacation to isolated spots was not at all isolated. Ultimately, I had to descend 10 meters or more under the waves to escape, scuba diving became the last hiding place. This vacation became a return-to-my-roots vacation. My heart rate is down and my mind unencumbered with the relentless tsunami of trivia. Just me and a small stack of books. “The Admirals” about the 5 star admirals of WW2, some Terry Pratchett SciFi fantasy, two economic theory books and “A Universe from Nothing” a physics book asking why there is  something rather than nothing. Without WiFi I had the time to enjoy each reading, just the way I did thirty years ago.  Days in which the high point is watching a turtle nest hatch on Half Moon Bay, floating the bay in snorkel gear following young squid schooling and catching the full moon rising at sunset. With breakfast at noon, falling asleep in a hammock, wandering a moon lit sandy shore after midnight. I am more connected on this trip than at any time with the WiFi working.
I have fixed my WiFi card and now feel compelled to go online and write a blog. Vacation only last a few more days, I’ll try not to waste it on the internet.
Paul Clark
Twitter @LifewithScience

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